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Dear Sai Bandhu, We have been reading and hearing many extraordinary leelas & miracles of our beloved SAI. Even if the posted one is known to you, the beauty of Sai Leelas is everytime it is new to us and we see new meaning in this. Such is the same with SAI SATCHARITA.
Now experience this and you will realize again that SAI is powerful and your love for him will increase manifold.
Sasikanth Ratwe was a devotee of Lord Dattatreya. In his dream a fakir appeared and showed him around Shirdi. He asked the fakir when he will visit Shirdi. The Fakir replied that on 19th September 1964 @ 4 PM he will enter his Durbar and he will also see the same clothes worn by the Fakir on the day of darshan. Ratwe forgot about the dream.
Since some one in Pune told that Sai is a Muslim he didn't respect BABA.
During his search for a employment he reached Kopergaon and came to know that his employer was an ardent devotee of Saii and has been to Shirdi. Ratwe thought he will not get the job since he is not a devotee of Sai.
Since he was left with ample time he thought of going to Shirdi.
Ratwe entered Samadhi Mandir the clock showed it is 4 PM. The date 19-9-1964
On the Moorthy/Statue of Sri Sai, the same dress he visioned and as told by BABA in his dream was adorned. SAINATH MAHARAJ KI JAI. SAI appeared in Ratwe's dream in September 1953 and told him that he will visit Shirdi 0n19-9-1964 at 4 pm It happened including the DRess. Note that Sri Sai's Moorthy/Statue was installed in Samadhi Mandhir on 7-10-1954 One year before the Statue was installed Sai appeared in the dream of Ratwe. Sri Sai knew that his Statue will be installed and the same will be draped with the dress he showed to Ratwe in his dream. You can infere from this that how POWERFUL is our beloved SAI.


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