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photo Baba's omnipresence and His leela ---------------------------------- I have been regularly attending the Sri SaiAmritvani Recitation/Prayers on Thursdays at Veena Didi's (Veena Ma) residence at Sidhartha Extension, New Delhi since the last 2 years. Every Thursday Baba shows his omnipresence in the form of udi, jal, mishri, illaichi etc. which emanates from His pictures as well as on Veena Didi's lap. On 22nd March 2012 Baba showed His leela directed towards me, clearing all doubts that were coming in my mind! On 22nd March, after the Sai Amritvani/prayers and distribution of Udi and Prasad by Veena Didi, some devotees stayed back and we all had satsang, sharing Baba's leelas through personal experiences. After some time when I was about to leave, Veena Didi told me to look inside my prasad box as she felt that Baba had just now taken some prasad from my box. My hands started trembling and I was finding it difficult to remove the cellotape from the box. When I did open it I found the laddu was half eaten. I just couldn't believe it! Veena Didi and I had tears in our eyes. She said that while she was looking at Baba's picture she saw rays coming out of it and reaching my prasad box and a few seconds later His mouth was moving as if He was eating something! She asked me to check whether what she saw was real! It was one of Baba's great leelas showing His omnipresence and clearing doubts of His devotees. Every morning at the time of my prayers I offer a fruit,etc to Baba as "bhog". That day I asked Baba whether He actually accepted my offerings to Him or whether I was just doing a ritual, and if He did accept, why did He not give any indication? The same question came up in my mind at the time of recitation of the Sai Amrit Vani. Baba through His Leela gave me the answer! JAI SAI RAM. I am extremely grateful to Veena Didi for being instrumental in giving me this unique and memorable experience!


Friends Nowdays i am going through a toughest phase of my life. Life has no hope, no happiness. The only hope left in my life is the name of Sai Baba. Daily i pray to Baba ji that pls help me and get me rid of these troubles but i think baba ji is angry with meh He is not listening my prayers or he is still testing me. Friends while reading all of yours experiences with baba ji' miracles, i am thinking there is definitely something wrong with my prayers or my intentions that would be the only reason that baba ji not listening to me. Guys i request all of you to pray for me as Baba ji listens to you. Please pray for me that some miracle happens in my life too and i get all that happiness again in my life. Please find only 5 min to pray for me. Ask baba ji to bless me and forgive me if i have done something wrong.

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