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photo DEAR SAI DEVOTEES, Let me share my experience of BABA miracle happened today Morning i.e on 1-9-2012. For last six months I am at IMphal ,Manipur State, North East in India on official Duty. I have been cooking my food all these days as we do not get good food to eat here. Every day morning at 7:30 AM I perform Shirdi sai Kakada Harati. While hearing the Harati Song, I prepare my food . Today when I was cutting an onion(I just cut back potion of onion ) I was surprised to see the BABA shape in the onion. I really felt very very happy and he is always with me and not only with me and with all who ever have faith and Bhakti on him. TO Clearly visualize and to correlate this slide is prepared This shows that he is every where “ Om Sai Ram,Be always with us baba ” “”” BABA BLESS ALL”””


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