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Once at our home I preformed Parayana of Satchaitra puja for 49 days. You will not believe that almost every day I have come across miracles. One of them I would like to share with you all. One of the Sai devotee came to my home hearing that I was preforming puja and he told me that he is suffering from all sides and do not know how to handle. I told him to pray Sai Baba and think of number between 1 to 720. The number what came in his mind referred to that he promised to offer but he never did hence the suffering.
He tried to recollect what that was and after few hours he recollected that he had prayed to Baba that he will offer some portion of his income but he forgot to do. He immediately fulfilled his commitment to Baba and all his problems got solved and his life changed with Baba’s blessing.
You should have Shraddha and Saburi and definitively Baba will help you.
Om Sairam


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