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photo Dear Sai Devotees Sai Baba has helped me many times. The great thing about sai baba is it is just a miracle every time. The greatest thing is you feel he is around you. Even if you forget him which has happened with me is that I will be stuck in a problem and will not even think about baba but by next Thursday or some Thursday it would be solved reminding me Sai is there don't worry. You will get a brother father sister or mother like Sai. He is everything. I will tell you one incident which is nothing short of a Miracle. It was snowy night I was in Maryland USA. I was in a supermarket when I finished shopping and came out around 10:30 my car would not start. I tried it several times and it would not start. There was no one near to ask for help and the snow was quite heavy outside. I remember I tried starting my car over 23 times. I then asked Sai baba to help me would you beleive that the car started the 24th time. Yes it did no kidding. That is Sai. It is plain miracle. There are many others that I have experianced. I am so glad there is a portal to share experiance. Thanks. OM SAI RAM.


a heart touching miracle

a heart touching miracle

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