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photo Dear Sai devotees, I am from Chennai and this is a miracle which has happened in Malaysia Sai Baba’s temple and told to me when I visited there hence I want share the same with others. Sometime time back one of the baba devotees used to do dyanam in the Sai Baba temple every day. One fine day when he came out of dyanam and prayed Sai Baba and slowly opened his eyes looking downwards and he say some sort of image on the floor tile in front of him. He went closure to see what is was and surprised to Baba’s image on the tile. The tile with Baba’s image has been framed at that place itself and puja is performed every day. With permission I photographed Baba’s image on the tile with my notebook and posted here and you can see Baba very clearly. If you happened visit Malaysia you may visit Sri Muda Shirdi Sai Centre at Shah Alam which is 30 mins drive from Kuala Lumpur. Om Sai Ram


Om Sai Ram, Baba is the most humble avatar of God.He said that he is the slave of his devotees.When any person will call him heartly,then he will be present there.This is happening.Jai Sai Ram.May Baba bless You. Tusar.

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