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God has incarnated as Sai Baba to help his devotees and spread two important things in everybody's life Shraddha and Saburi (Faith and Patience). When there is wholehearted faith and surrender yourself completely to him, he will fulfil all your wishes by removing all shackles and keeping us away from sense-objects to make us quite indifferent to pleasures and pains leading us on the spiritual path. In many of our poojas to Sai Baba, he gave his darshan to us in different form and he has been blessing us. We felt “Is it so easy to see Sai “ but only if surrendered completely to him. Such a kind hearted Sai was and one of his devote Dasganu described him as Tu Malayagiri Chandana! Meaning you are the sandalwood from Malaygiri. Whenever you call Sairam whole heartedly with true devotion, he will appear immediately in some kind of form to answer all your prayers. He showers abundant motherly love more than a mother. We want to share this to everybody and that made us to develop Sri Saikalpa trust.

As one of the initiative Sri Saikalpa trust developed a book called “Sri Saikalpa” to reach all the devotees and book was launched on Vijaydasami day in year 2012 at Saibaba Mylapore Temple day with Annadanam to 10000 plus devotees and distributed 1 lakh books in India and abroad.

These pictures were collected from different sources and added in each page. It will provide more in-sight and gain more and more devotion to the devotees of Sai by reading and understanding the story more clearly by looking in to the pictures. Saikalpa also ensures to inspire children to help them understand the life history of Sai easily and was developed in accordance.

The highlight of the Saikalpa book is the pictures which were collected from different sources merged and added in each page. It provides more in-sight and helps to gain more and more devotion to the devotees of Sai by reading and understanding the story more clearly by looking into the pictures. Saikalpa also ensures to inspire children to help them understand the life history of Sai easily. In the Saikalpa book the devotees can see the images next to the content while singing which will make them feel SAI. The book was made with all collections of Ganesha Pancharatnam Stotram, Shiridi Aartis, Vishnusahasranamam, Stavan Manjiri, Guru Avatars, Sai Astotrasatanamavali, Sri Sai Astakam, Sayings of SAI, Nectar miracles of Baba. Many such books are available in market but baba has put his hand on SAIKALPA and blessed to help all devotees to wave their struggles and problems in their life.

Saikalpa Trust was supported and blessed by Actress Anjali amma and Singer PB Srinivas and Saikalpa also honoured them. Thulasi plants were distributed to the devotees on Saikalpa Trust inauguration day. After our launch, we got immense joy when we saw the response of devotees emailing us the miracles happened when the books reached them. At Malaysia during our visit to Saibaba Temple Mrs Datin Indrani Samy Vellu took the honour of launching Saikalpa book . Mr Kannan Baba of Malaysia who is a great blessed devotee of baba supported Saikalpa activities at Malaysia temples and helped to see that Saikalpa books reached the devotees.

We intent to increase the devotion and belief on Sai and every house of Sai devotee should have this book. In the second year we have sponsored for songs of a small film in Telugu, Hindi and Tamil. The songs are very melodious which will touch the heart of the devotee and the launch & release of the album was done in front of Saisamadhi in Shiridi which is a great honour from Sai for Saikalpa. It has got 9 songs symbolically referring to 9 coins given to Lakshmi bhai by Sai Baba. The songs were sung by famous singers P. Susila, Tippu, Harini, Krish, Unni Krishnan, MadhuBala Krishnan, Balamurugan and Saketh which has come out as excellent melodies. Audio was released on 24.10.2013 at Mani Mahal, Sailigramam, Chennai by Saikalpa Trust founder V. Radhika,Mr.Varatharajulu Ex-DSP (F/o Actor Dr Rajasekar), Mr Thangaraj (President Mylapore Saibaba Temple),Mr Tipu (Singer), Mrs Harini (Singer), Mr Gajendran (Director), Mr Rajendran Naidu, Mrs Vasantha Lakshmi, Mounam Ravi (PRO), Murali (Actor), Kannathasan (Editor), Mohan (Production Executive) participated and received the audio CD’s in this function .

On successful launch & distribution of SAIKALPA devotional books since 2012, we have composed a 2nd edition of SAIKALPA which comes in a multi-colored and contains Aartis, Ashtakam, Guru Padukastotram, Stavanmanjari in 3 languages Telugu, Tamil and English which will be released soon and this edition highlights Dasganumaharaj’s Stavanmanjiri. It is a divine blessing to present you with this book of Shri Sainath Stavana Manjari, a collection of slokas explained pictorially along with a translation in English. The reason to add images and translation by Smt. Zarine Taraporevala is to help the devotees to profoundly understand each and every line of Stavana Manjari and experience the DIVINE Sai while doing parayanam of this book.

Sri Sainath Stavana Manjari is written by Dasaganu Maharaj, an ardent and staunch devotee of Shri Sai Baba, in Marathi language and has been translated into many languages. The Stavana Manjari is a long hymn of 163 phrases. Dasaganu is a known name across the world amongst Sai Bhaktas.Sainath Stavana Manjari by Dasaganu Maharaj was completed on 9th September 1918 at Maheshwar near Indore on the banks of river Narmada just 37 days before Baba took Mahasamadhi on 15th October 1918. This hymn is a humble tribute to Shri Sainath. It is a very unique and heart melting composition of 163 Shlokas. It starts off by invoking Lord Ganesh and other deities and pays rich tribute to Baba subtly in the fifth shloka implicitly by calling him as Vishnu and Shankar. Baba is named only in the 13th shloka. Here Dasaganu persistently pleads to Baba to cleanse him off his sins and to help him and all the devotees to overcome their wordly and spiritual difficulties. SAIKALPA’s priority remains with SAI’s devotes in this universe, who we believe are at the heart of our existence. This has made SAIKALPA to come out with an innovative, useful and must have wonderful treasure of SAIBABA’s original images & things used by him in the form of a single sheet mat-finished devotional calendar. This wonderful treasure calendar is available for all & you can order on-line at

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