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God has incarnated as Sai Baba to help his devotees and spread two important things in everybody's life Shraddha and Saburi (Faith and Patience). When there is wholehearted faith and surrender yourself completely to him, he will fulfil all your wishes by removing all shackles and keeping us away from sense-objects to make us quite indifferent to pleasures and pains leading us on the spiritual path. In many of our poojas to Sai Baba, he gave his darshan to us in different form and he has been blessing us. We felt “Is it so easy to see Sai “ but only if surrendered completely to him. Such a kind hearted Sai was and one of his devote Dasganu described him as Tu Malayagiri Chandana! Meaning you are the sandalwood from Malaygiri. Whenever you call Sairam whole heartedly with true devotion, he will appear immediately in some kind of form to answer all your prayers. He showers abundant motherly love more than a mother. We want to share this to everybody and that made us to develop Sri Saikalpa trust. As one of the initiative Sri Saikalpa trust developed a book called “Sri Saikalpa” to reach all the devotees and book was launched on Vijaydasami day in year 2012 at Saibaba Mylapore Temple and distributed 1 lakh books.


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    My son had an eyelid injury and by Your grace it was not a serious one and it healed quickly with Your blessings. His eyes are protected. I leave the health of all my family members and everything in Your hands. Also there was an issue in my shopping app with the return of an item and it was resolved by Your grace Sai. My mom’s lost earrings were found too. Thanks for everything Baba. Our return to home is in Your hands and I believe we won’t have any problem with it. Please reduce the layover Sai as I am travelling with two toddlers. Take care of other issue that I have. Thanks Baba. Om Sairam.

    • Ramesh
    • 8/4/2021 6:43:25 PM

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