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History of the temple

In 1850, Ramdas Biswas a wealthy villager of Shibpur village in Nadia’s Nakashipara (West Bengal, India) established a temple in the compound of his house to offer daily puja to Shirdi Sai Baba. He ne


ver took any help from anybody but set up the temple at his own cost. Past facts cannot not establish whether Ramdas set up any idol of Shirdi Sai Baba as Baba was alive then! It is believed that around the year 1920 the daily prayer was stopped in the temple, the reason for which remains unknown.Slowly after the puja was stopped the temple was engulfed in dense bushes and cobwebs which became the home of venomous snakes. The local residents never dared to go near the temple because of the snakes and it was eventually abandoned. But as light follows the darkness and a rainbow follows the rains, the villagers of Shibpur in 1992 saw a Neem tree sprouting out of the dense bush adjoining the crumbling structure of the temple. Even more surprising was the fact that the snakes started fleeing after the Neem tree was sprouted.Sai Baba ordered him to reconstruct this temple. Baba said that he will arrange all means required to get this temple constructed. He narrated the dream as follows, "I saw in my dreams a bright illumination of lights… as if thousands and thousands of neon lamps were lit. I was bewildered.Then I heard a voice saying I am Sai Baba, your great grandfather used to worship me in this temple every day for hours together. I was very pleased with him. After his demise there is no puja. The place has become a jungle. I am longing for devotion and puja here once again. So I have planted a Neem tree there to eradicate all evils. "Then Sai Baba gave the following instructions in the dream:I order you to construct my temple and offer me puja every day.I shall call here only those whom I consider to be true Devotees of mine, rather than those who look upon me as God.Undoubtedly I shall carry all the burdens of those who come here to surrender the same to me.This Neem tree planted by Me shall provide immense peace and bliss to even the most distressed and dejected person who come here. Whoever stands near this Neem tree will feel my presence and the tree will remove all his sins.None other than my real devotees will be able to donate for the construction of this temple.Whoever responds to my call by visiting this Temple shall have all his wishes fulfilled.Anybody who offers worship to me here on his birthday will get rid of all planetary obstacles.For the construction of this temple, I will be present to perform my work. The temple construction work should not stop. The required financial help will be provided to you even from abroad.I am still bound to fulfill my words, given to Ramdas, as a boon granted a century ago.After 11 years from this day, I shall arrive here from far away to take shelter at the altar of the Temple constructed by you.I shall appear before you all in the form of a snake at the eastern side of the newly constructed temple.When a great number miracles take place repeatedly it will be time to perform pran pratishtha and abhishekam and open the gates of my Temple for my devotees.Whoever will preach the essence of my preaching’s, shall be drowned in the Ocean of my blessings.I shall save the life of that devotee in danger, who donates even a fistful of sand to me at Shibpur.My blessings will remain with you always, if you keep firm faith in my words.Amitji woke up with the divine instruction next morning and rushed to the temple. He cleaned up the area and got rid of the remaining bushes and cobwebs and established a clay idol of Sai Baba and began offering puja. After he spread the message he received from Baba to the local villagers, the villagers were inspired. Leaving aside their fear, they started pouring into the temple and began offering pujas.In 2003, advised by the locals, Amitji formed the Nadia-Shibpur-Sai-Sadguru Samity, a committee to rebuild the temple. The committee resolved to reconstruct the old temple and also work for the amelioration of the poor people in the area. The committee also took an oath that the organization would work for social causes for the upliftment of the society.The committee then began working according to their resolution and campaigned extensively against dowry, child marriage, drug addiction etc. Their achievements began spreading like wild fire in the villages of Nakashipara and its surrounding areas.A national award winner and a famous sculptor Subir Paul could not sit idle after hearing the activities of the Sai Sadguru Samity. Inspired, the sculptor constructed a human size fiber-glass idol of the Baba. Paul himself admitted that while making the idol for six months some miraculous spirit grappled him. Paul says “I never made such perfect structure like Sai Baba before”. Getting the idol quite unexpectedly, the committee thus could not sit idle too. Although not financially equipped, the villagers began constructing a temple. They put together bamboos and erected a structure in the temple area keeping the old structure intact.The idol seated on a golden throne has been kept inside a temporary temple made of Bamboo pillars, straw walls and a thatched roof.Currently, the devotees offer their daily pujas, aarti and bhajan, twice daily. The temple trustees have recently begun collecting subscription from the people of all walks of life to build a permanent concrete structure to house the fiber glass statue of Shirdi Sai Baba. The committee has also started celebrating Sai festival for five days in the third week of April every year. It is believed that once the permanent structure is in place, corers of people will visit the temple and their woes will be healed. Our hands thus are stretched for help from anybody who wants to cure the woes of the people and spread happiness in the world.
Name:NADIA SHIBPUR SAI SADGURU SAMITY, WEST BENGAL,City Office:K.C.Lahiri Lane, Chasapara,P.O:Krishnanagar,Dist:Nadia,State:West Bengal,Pin:741101 ( India ).
Mandir Closed At 12 noon to 2 pm --- Annadan Every thrusday and Monday Evening --- Amitji Available Every Saturday and Sunday
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