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Sri Shirdi Sathguru Sainath Charitable Trust & Temple

History of the temple

One devotee of Injambakkam Sai Temple Mr. Vadivel from Chindadripet, had a dream vision in connection with building a Sai Temple in a place ending with either a name Vakkam or Pakkam which was not cle


ar in the dream, with a water stream in the front.Immediately he visited Injambakkam Sai Temple with a view to have clarity on the dream directly from Sai, exactly at the same time the priest of the same temple after the evening Aarathi, developed an idea to build a new Sai Temple, and wanted to consult regular devotees of Injambakkam Temple, that is when both met in temple in front of Sai they shared their dream and idea of building Sai Temple, and felt that Sai has made this entire arrangement and decided to take this proposal to other devotees.Mr. Vadivel & the priest, immediately approached one Mr. Soundararajan, who is again a regular Injambakkam Sai devotee, to bring his car to visit some places to identify places for building temple. The next day, with Baba’s grace as scheduled they left for site visit, and on the way they stopped the car in a location where some lands were available on Renugambal Nagar, Kelambakkam, suddenly Mr. Vadivel could, identify the place where they were standing was similar to land he had seen in his dream vision, except for the water stream, when they approached an old man walking on the land, he confirmed that there was a water channel, which was closed by local people many years ago, and all were surprised by this conduct of Baba and decided to acquire the land there and build the temple.With the blessings of almighty Sai, with the heavy contributions of all the Sai devotees around, land was gladly bought and Bhoomi Pooja was performed grandly on an auspicious Friday,7th Nov. 2003.Further, with the blessings of Sai Maharaaj, with in a short span of one year, with the support of blessed Sai devotees and by his sheer miracle the temple was built with babas Moolasthan, Courtyard, Sabha Mandapam for Pradakshnam, Panchamukha Ganapathy, Sannithanam, Valli Devaiyani Sametha Muruga Sannithanam, Gurusthan, Dwarakamayee.And Mahakumbabishegam was performed on the auspicious Sunday the 7th Nov. 2004 keeping 54 Homa Gundams as a grand elact ceremonies on one side and with chanting of Rudhrams, Chamakams, Hymns and Sai Name, as worshiping Sai Maharaaj in all forms and all forms in Sai Maharaaj on the Other side, which gave the real spiritual flavor to all took part in the ceremony.And as Sai is the Annadhana Prabhu, Annadhanam was grandly performed, and food was distributed to all the devotees who took part in the Kumbabishegam, and also to all the local villagers, poor and needy people. from the day the Bhoomi Pooja was performed, Baba had started playing with his miracles and blessings and fulfilled all the wants and needs of the devotees in both materialistic life and in spiritual path.And on, 7th Nov. 2009, Lord Dhatathreyaa Murthy was erected and performed a very special Homam & Abhishekam.And from the day Mahakumbabishegam was performed on 2004, Aarathi in Marathi is being performed four times every day, morning 6.00am Kakkad Aarathi, 12.00 noon Madhyaan Aarathi, evening 6.00pm Dhoop Aarathi, Night 8.20 pm Sej Aarathi and on Thursdays, the temple will be full to its fullest capacity, for Darshan and, full day Annadhanam is offered to all the devotees who visit on Thursdays on grand scale and prasadam is given on other days. Reading Thirukkuran at 12:30 pm and Palki procession is performed on every Thursday, around 7.00 pm after evening Aarathi.The temple is situated at Renugambal Nagar, Kelambakkam, OMR, Chennai – 603 103. Temple is open from 6.00 am to 1.00pm and 4.00 pm to 9.00 pm and on Thursday 6.00 am to 9.00 pm.
No.9 Renukambal Nagar, Kelambakkam,Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, Pincode - 603103.
Opening Time: 6:00AM,Closing Time: 9:00PM::Temple Timings::All Days (except Thrusday);;Morning-- 6.00 am to 1.00 pm,Evening – 4.00 pm to 9.00 pm.On Thursday’s & Temple festivals::– 6.00 am to 9.00 pm.Arathi Timings::Kakad Aarathi--6.00 am,Madhyaan Aarathi--12.00 Noon,Dhoop Aarathi--6.00 pm,Sej Aarathi 8.20 pm.