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Nav Sai Mandir

History of the temple

Sri Kumar Baba,The year 1995, the person Shri R.V. Kumar of Ashok Nagar, Chennai , a Music Director by profession happened to visit the Sai Baba Temple at Injambakkam, Chennai, because of his friends.


While in the Mandir he placed his head on the Divine Padukas, and instantly heard a voice saying ‘I desire to unite all the people and uplift them spiritually. I need to use you as a tool to accomplish this.When will you come within my fold?It was Shirdi Baba himself talking to him. However Shri R.V. Kumar did not take this too seriously and thought probably it was his imagination.A few months later he made another visit to the same temple. And lo and behold he heard the same voice this time loudly and quite distinctly. He could not possibly ignore the voice.But there was a hitch. He was basically a devotee of Goddess Meenakshi of Madurai. And he also possessed the divine power of talking to her intimately. He pondered over this voice calling him to Baba’s fold. He decided to seek an answer to this at Madurai, at the holy shrine of Goddess Meenakshi.When he sat meditating before the Sanctum Sanctorum, a six foot tall figure of Shirdi Baba walked out of the sanctum, and he visualised this in his deep meditation. He also heard the Mother’s divine voice telling him that Shirdi Baba was a Great Mahan who lived even after his Mahasamidhi. She further said that following Baba’s footsteps was the best path for him.He was thus convinced, but he was perplexed and confused. but how was he to proceed?"Baba then told him, ' Now that you have come within my fold there is no action that you will perform independently. You will now be my tool and perform all that i wish and desire to do. you are at my behest & i will control all your deeds. I am ANNABABA & you shall henceforth be Kumarbaba '. Sri Kumar Baba was chosen by Shri Sai Baba himself to serve His true , loyal and faithful devotees to whom He had promised to take care of - birth after birth. He was born on 27-3-1947 to Sri Vedantam and Smt Kalyani at Madurai. Due to our merits in our previous birth , we are all lucky to be in the association of this divine personality, who has sacrificed his life for uplifting His devotees. He uses his powers for the benefit of mankind conferring both temporal benefits and spiritual benefits. He started the Baba Prayer centre in 1996 and even today mass prayers for His devotees are conducted on Thursdays. Needless to say that the devotees request is fulfilled with the blessings of Shirdi Sai Baba. He said that he was an emissary of Shridi Sai Baba and acts according to His instructions only. The Anna Baba Mandir was constructed in a record time of ten months without any propaganda or publicity and with the contributions from 108 devotees called Sai Souls( a name given by Shirdi Sai) mostly belonging to the middle income group. Sri Kumar Baba did not prescribe any Homam or costly Parikaram for people who approach him with their problems. His method of advising the devotee is very unique –prayer and repetition of the Lords name with total surrender to Sai.In the following years Shirdi SAIBABA started appearing regularly in Kumara Babas dreams and said that he wanted him to build a Navagraha temple in which BABA would take the form of the Navagrahas, BABA said to him that he wanted to remove the ill effects of the planets in the life of his Devotees by doing so. Kumara Baba pleaded to Shirdi Baba that he did not have the money nor was his health permitting him to take up such a big Adventure. But Baba kept persuading him to take up the venture as soon as possible and promised that things will fall into place once the effort is taken.KumaraBaba in the year 2009 happened to visit Kummathamman temple Near Vellore where he met Villasvathi Amma the holy Guru of the temple. Kumara Baba told her about Babas Visions and his wish to build a Navagraha Mandir of BABA. Villasvathi Amma readily agreed to help and also showed kumara Baba a piece of land on the Chennai Bangalore highway which she owned and said that the Mandir could be built there. Thus the foundation for the NAVASAIBABA Mandir was laid and KumaraBaba approached devotees of Shirdi SAIBABA who donated IDOLS and money towards construction of the Mandir. Shri Kumara Baba attained the holy feet of the Lord on the 6 th of January 2012 at 7 45A.M.
No – 31, 2 nd Main Road, B’ sector, V.G.Rao Nagar, Katpadi – Vellore – 632007.
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