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Sri Bhairava Sai Temple Trust

History of the temple

Sri Sai Baba used to keep a number of dogs with Him at Shirdi. Sri Shridi Saidasan is a lover of dogs. He used to visit Shirdi and worship Sri Sai every year. He requested for a dog in his prayer to S


ri Sai. In 1976 he bought a walking stick at Shirdi and its handle was in the shape of a dog. He prayed to Sri Sai Baba to give him a live dog not a wooden dog.It was a wonder that a Muslim boy gave him a ten days old pup at his house. The newborn dog could not even open its eyes. This dog lived with Sri Saidasan for fourteen years. It refused to mate with dogs.In 1988 Sri Sai Baba appeared in Saidasan's dream and informed him that the dog should not be left uncared for after its life span was over. He ordered Saidasan that a Samadhi should be built over the place where the dog was buried after its demise so that the spirit of the "Bhairavar" will bless the devotees. Sri Baba informed Saidasan that His statue should be kept over the Samadhi.In 1990 Bhairavar suffered from a serious illness and doctors who treated it were not sure that it would survive. At that time Sri Saidasan fervently prayed to Sri Baba for restoring the dog to normalcy and took it to the Sri Sai Baba temple at Mylapore. It was all a surprise. Effective medicines could not cure the dog. But by the grace of the Almighty Sri Sai Baba it lived for eighteen months. It attained siddhi on the 8th August, a Thursday, 1991. As ordered by Sri Sai Baba Saidasan donated his only house at Madippakam for the construction of the Bhairava SaiMandir.This Mandir is in the shape of the Geetha UpadesaChariot and there are two horses in the sanctum of the temple. The horses are named Shyam and Sundar. The height of the temple is fifty-four feet from the ground level The tower of the temple has nine kalasams representingnine planets. Ther is a beautiful meditation hall where people of all religions can practice meditation.This is the only temple in the whole world Baba Bhairavar in the Sanadhi.
Shri Bhairava Sai Temple,Sri sai kripa,Plot No. 6, Door No. 6,Bharath Nagar Main Road,Opp. Tata Tower/ Megamart,Medavakkam High Road,Madipakkam,Chennai-600 091.
Temple Timings;06:00 am - 12:00 noon/01:00pm(Thursdays),04:30pm - 9:00 pm/ 10:00pm(Thursdays).Aarti Timings;Kakad Aarti:--07:30 am,Madhyan Aarti:--11:30 am/12:30pm,Dhoop Aarti:--06:00 pm/ 05:30pm,Shej Aarti:--08:30 pm.Sai's Abhishekam;07:00Am.
Phone: +91 44 22476833,Mobile: +91 94451 51574