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Shirdi Sai Community Center

History of the temple

Shirdi Sai Trust is an active endorsement of Shirdi Baba's noble preachings, service to mankind."If you Look to Me, I Look to You", HE has said. Through this trust it is our humble endeavor to follow


HIS preachings and with utmost humility and sincerity do our bit to spread HIS words through our actions of service. Shirdi Sai Community Centre, is home to Sai Ganapathy Temple in the North, Annadhana Koodam in the South, Rathina Sai Mandir and Dwarakamai to the East and Gurusthan to the West. The Nanda Deep burns in the North West.Shirdi Sai Trust, came into being in 1996. Shri. M. Meenakshisundaram, an Advocate from Tiruchirapalli, set foot on the Holy Land of Shirdi in 1982 for the 1st time with his family. From then on began his tryst with the Sathguru. Almost every year he visited Baba when in 1995, Baba decided to company him to Tiruchirapalli. Shri. Sivanesan Baba gave a potrait of the Sathguru to Shri. M. Meenakshisundaram as a birthday gift and told him to take it along and begin the process of building a Temple in Tiruchirapalli for the Sathguru. Thus Baba built for Himself this Shirdi Sai Community Centre and has thence guided in the various Services from His portal.
Shirdi Sai Baba Community Centre,Mekkudi Village, Manikandam Panchayat Union Madurai Road, Tiruchirapalli - 620 012, Tamilnadu, India
Morning Aarthi :--6 AM-Prasaadam : Butter & Sugar,Noon Aarthi :-12.30 AM--Prasaadam : Mixed Rice Eg. (Lemon, Curd etc),Evening Aarthi :-6 PM-Prasaadam :-Sweet & Milk,Night Aarthi :-8.30 PM--Prasaadam :-Chappathi.
Mob: +91-94427-40808