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Shree Shirdi Sai Seva Samaaj Trust

History of the temple

The temple Bhoomi Pooja was performed on 10th June 2007.The temple was inaugurated on 21st June 2010 by Sri.K.V.Ramani of Shirdi Sai Trust, Chennai.A beautiful marble idol of Shirdi Saibaba is present


in the temple. An Idol of Nandi is present opposite to Saibaba Idol as in Shirdi. Beautiful Marble Paduka is also present on the right side of the Saibaba Idol. Gurusthan is present to the left of Saibaba Idol inside the temple premises.Dhuni is present to the right of Saibaba Idol inside the temple premises. A Life size photograph of Dwarakamai Saibaba is present opposite to Dhuni.A Life size photograph of Satyanrayana Swamy is present inside the temple premises.Life size photographs of Shirdi Saibaba, Swami Samartha of Akkalkot, Marble Idol of Nandi, Marble Tortoise is present in the Dhyana Mandir present in the Cellar of the Saibaba Mandir.
Shree Shirdi Sai Seva Samaaj Trust Shree Saibaba Nagar,Padmapuram Erumbi Post,Pallippet TK, Vellore Dt Sholinghur – 631 302
Aarti timings: Kakad Aarti 6.00, Afternoon Aarti 12.00 PM, Dhooparati 6.00 PM, Shejarati 8.00 PM
094429 74172 / 093805 87218 / 093815 40079