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Shirdi Sai Ram Sanasthan Trust

History of the temple

About the temple: Dhakshin Shirdi is located in Thiruvilwamala was built in 1989 and is graced by a beautiful marble statue of Saibaba.Story of the idol in the temple: Dates back to 1987, a family res


iding in a small village known as kuthampully have been devotees of Baba since 1965, wished to build a temple for Saibaba in Thiruvilwalmala. When a member of the family visited to inform the Sai Baba Sanasthan authorities about the plan, a devotee (a well known sculptor) present nearby came forward to donate the marble statue of Sai Baba. As promised the statue was delivered in 15 days.This idol was placed in the family's house till the construction of the temple. A plot was soon purchased in Thiruvilwamala and the work started immediately. Due to the hilly region, a problem of water scarcity was felt. However, Baba's udi was spread over the area and a well was dug.Miraculously water gushed out at 200 feet and this well has been full ever since and was named "SAI GANGA" with donations from Sai devotees world wide the temple was constructed in an year and the idol of Sai Baba was placed in 1989 after the Kumbabishekam.
Shirdi Sai Ram Sanasthan Trust, Thiruvilwamala, Thrissur District, Kerala.
Temple Timings (Friday - Wednesday);;5.00AM - Temple Opens,5.15AM - Kakad Aarthi,8.00AM Nevediya Pooja,12.00PM Madhyana Aarthi,1.00PM Temple Closes,4.00PM Temple reopens,6.15PM Doop Aarthi,8.00PM Shej Aarthi,8.30PM Temple Closes.Temple Timings (Thursday);;5.00AM - Temple Opens,5.15AM - Kakad Aarthi,8.00AM Nevediya Pooja,10.00AM Sai Bhajan,11.30AM MahaAbhishekam,12.30PM Madhyana Aarthi,1.00PM Annadhanam,6.15PM Doop Aarthi,8.00PM Shej Aarthi,8.30PM Temple Closes.
Contact Number : 0488 4282094, 0488 4281234