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Sri Saibaba Satsang Kendram

History of the temple

Mandir was inaugurated on Nov 14, 1996. On the same day, Sri Sai Baba statue was installed by Guru bhandhus (disciples of a Guru). Mandir dimensions are 30ft. x 25 ft. Sri Sai Baba statue measures 3ft


. x 2in.Initially Sai Baba’s small marble statue was brought from Shirdi was installed, after 3 years another marble statue brought from Jaipur was installed.Along with Sri Sai Baba marble statue, Dwarakamayi Baba picture, Pallaki, Pujya Guruji’s photos, Guruji’s used chair and clothes are in the temple.This mandir is more like a Satsang Kendra where devotees chant Sai Namam (repeating the name of Sai), Satsang etc.Weekly Activities;Every Thursday Pallaki Seva (palanquin procession) is conducted at 7:30pm to 8:30pm in the city with the pallaki (palanquin) that specially made from Shirdi Sansthan people in Shirdi.Special Activities;Mandir anniversary celebrates between Nov 14 to Nov 21 from 6am to 6pm.Annadanam (food offering) is held on temple anniversary day.From the year 2003, every anniversary is celebrated with Akhanda Sai Nama Sapthaham (seven day event of chanting Sai name continuously).
Thotapalli, Gudur (Mandal), Nellore (Dist), Andhra Pradesh - 524311, India
Opening Time: 5:30AM,Closing Time: 9:00PM
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