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Shirdi Sai Baba Mandir

History of the temple

Ancient wisdom suggests that faith can move mountains and devotion can materialise miracles our humble efforts bear testimony to this universal truth. Blessed by the omnipresent, omnipotent, the true


Embodiment of the universal spirit, the eternal one, Sri Sai Baba, the modest effort of Shirdi Sai Baba Temple, Rohini, have lit a sympathetic and co-operative chord among the hearts of the countless devotees of the Baba.The beginnings of this temple (also called a Mandir) are laid upon the desires of the Baba to establish his very own Dwarka Mai (the Masjid or the mosque) in this corner of Delhi. This wish is our command. The devout came out with unstinting support to the noble cause and thus began a holy crusade of sorts.The herculean efforts that went into the launch of the Mandir project bore fruit on 7th July 1989 when this Grace, Shri Sai Baba, chose to step onto a small plot of land in Sector 3. Rohini in the form of a white marble idol. However the limitations of restricted space soon began to manifest themselves through Baba's diving inspiration, a bigger plot measuring 360 sq. meters was obtained through Development Authority. Under Baba's patronage and the single minded devotion of the people, the temple's construction picked up momentum.In 1992, on the pious occasion of RAM NAVMI, the day Lord Rama descended on Earth in the form of a mortal like us, the idol of this Diving Grace, Sai Baba was installed inside the portals of the Mandir .The multitudes who have been thronging the temple ever since are a homage to the diversity of India. The barriers of religion dissolve in the presence of Baba. People pray in side the Mandir and burn incense at the altar of Dwarka Mai with equal fervor. The temple offers something for everyone. The serene and soothing environs act as a magnet to all; to the young and the old, to the man and the woman, to the troubled and the sick, to the grateful and the meek. The inner sanctum of the Sai Mandir has been built according the physical specifications of the original Samadhi Mandir in Shirdi. For those are unable to visit Shirdi, there is nothing to lose heart about. The daily routine of the temple corresponds exactly to the Shirdi Samadhi Mandir schedule. The day begins with the Mangal Snan of the Baba followed by Dhoop aarti at noon, then the evening arti, which is followed by discourses, singing of hymns. The day is rounded up with the Shejja Aarti.Thursdays ,witness a tremendous outpouring of devotees. The flower bedecked 'palki' or the palanquin of the Baba, accompanied by crowds of this faithfully, recreates the vision of the Thursday march in Shirdi. Led by a band, this weekly yatra attracts thousands through the way a sit winds its way through out the streets of Rohini. The air reverberates with the clants of Baba's name and permeates the conscious of one and all.Sundays provide another opportunity to the disciples of the Baba, to thank him for his unlimited bounty which he showers on anyone who utters, his name. A wooden chariot called the Ratha, specially prepared for the occasion, and carrying foot prints of our beloved Baba, reaches the homes of the faithfully and the ensuing hymn recital spreads magic all around.The temple complex is blessed with the idols of many deities besides that of Baba. The devotees can renovate and offer prayers and prasada to the idols of Lord Rama, his brother Lakshmana and his wife Janaki, Lord Hanuman, Ma Jagdamba, Ma Kali, Ma Sarswati, Lord Shiva and consort Ma Parvati, Lord Dattatreya, Lord Satyanarayana, the nine planet configuration called the "Navgraha mandal", to name a few.Next to the actual Samadhi temple in the Rohini complex, there exists the ' DwarakaMai', which is Baba's mosque. People offerr 'Lobaan' and coconut and burn incense sticks in front of Baba's pictures, thereby symbolically consigning all their misfortunes to the sacred flames. Baba's life was a mission in continuity a mission to ameliorate the sufferings of those who seek his indulgence. The offered succour to all on a physical, mental as well as spiritual plane. The Rohini Mandir has taken a few enthusiastic steps in the wake of footprints left by the Baba in the sands of time.The relics maintained at Dwarka Mai in Shirdi include the mud stove, the mud pot and the tongs used by Baba while cooking for community meals. Honoring the tradition the temple in Rohini organises Bhandaras or community meals on important occasions like Ram Navmi, Vijaydashmi, Gurupurnima, Kirlans, Discourses and of course Janamasthmi celebration. The splendour of lord Krishna's Birthday celebrations (Janamashthmi) attracts huge crowds which partake of the Bahndara and prasad offering.Inspired by Baba's dictum of selfless service to society, the Mandir complex hosts a philanthropic medical mission which is aptly named Shirdi Sai Baba Dharmarth Aushdhalya. The medical mission offers treatment in all the three disciplines of medicine Allopathic, Homeopathy and Ayurveda.With the temple offering nutrition for the soul, and the medical mission doing the same for the body we have not left the mind idling in isolation. Our excellent library, located within the temple premises, attracts knowledge seekers from all walks of like while the students zoom in on the reference books, the ordinary block have a golden opportunity to inform and educate themselves about every facet of Baba's life.Oral incantation of Baba's name is only one way of expressing severance for him. The Mandir committee made available booklets, "the Sai Naam Jaap Pustikas", wherein the devotees can write the many names of the beloved Baba. The Mandir has published many books on this Eminence Sri Sai Baba and has also brought out an audiocassette containing songs pertaining to Baba's benevolence.We invite and exhort you to spare a moment of your chaotic lives and submit yourselves to the sublime pleasure of being under the all encompassing wings of this Holiness Sri Sai Baba. Let us learn from the riveting saga of this rag clad fakir whose juggernaut toke down all barriers of caste, creed, age, sex and riches. We hope to enrich our existence by offering a similar chance to you.
Shirdi Sai Baba Mandir, No.10, Commercial Shopping Centre, Sector 7, Rohini, Delhi-110 085,India
Kakad Prayer at Morning 5.15 a.m,Mangal SNAN 6.00 a.m,Jap (OM SHRI SAI NATHAY NAMAH),Noon Prayer at 12 a.m,DOOP AARTI Evening Prayer 6.30 p.m,Jap (OM SHRI SAI NATHAY NAMAH),SHEJ AARTI at Night 10 p.m.
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