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Shri Sai Dham Sirali Trust

History of the temple

In Sirali, on 15th of march 2007 ‘’Bhoomi Poojan’’ was done by “Shri Bala Saheb Joshi,” (main priest of Shirdi Sa temple) and a 1.25 feet heighted baba’s idol was enshrined. Now a days this place is k


nown as “Dwarika Mai”. One day Mrs. Karode was doing Path (reading) of ‘Sai Satcharitra’ on the same place where “Dwarika Mai” is situated now and she saw baba dancing there with joy, with her open eyes and conscious mind. This incidence was one of the proof of baba’s presence in Sirali.For building a huge and magnificent temple, huge money was needed. One day baba came in dream of ‘Dayalu Bhai’ and said “I beg for full of my life, why can’t you”. From the next day he along with other devotees started taking contributions for temple from the Sirali and nearly villages. With the great grace of baba on 27th November 2009 the Shri Sai Dham Mandir (Temple) was ready in its majestic form.‘Pran Pratishtha’ of Baba’s idol was done by Honorable and learnt priests shri Bala Saheb Joshi, shri Sanjay Patni, shri Keshav Binwani and shri Vijay Binwani from Shirdi.
Sirali, Harda District, Madhya Pradesh, India.
Opening Time: 5:15AM,Closing Time: 10:00PM.
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