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History of the temple

This temple is situated near Vuda Park on the Beach Road at Chinna Waltair, East Point Colony in Visakhapatnam. The Temple Bhoomi Pooja was performed on 19th February 1977.The Temple was inaugurated o


n 18th March 1993 by the trust members in the presence of large number of local Sai Devotees.The Temple opens at 05:15 AM with the Morning Kakad Aarti & will be closed at night after Shej Aarti at 8:30 PM.Temples dedicated to Marble Idol of Shirdi Saibaba, Vishakeswara (Shiva), Parvathi Devi, Sanishwara, Suryanarayana Swamy, Rama,Hanuman, Ganapathi, Aiyappa, Kumaraswamy, Dattatreya, Sacred Dhuni and Dwarakamai are present in the Temple Complex.
Shri Sai Samsthan Charitable Trust,East Shirdi, Chinna Waltair, Visakhapatnam–530 017, Andhra Pradesh, India
Timings: Monday to Sunday 05:15 AM to 08:30 PM.Aarti Timings: Kakad Aarti 5:15 AM;Afternoon Aarti 12:00 PM; Dhoop Aarti 6:15 PM; Shej Aarti 8:30 PM.
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